County: Rockingham

Derry is unique because it is the largest town (not a city) in Rockingham County.  The downtown is a lively gathering spot for those who like restaurants and a small town feel.  Derry is part of the state-wide bike trails system.  Derry NH is home to the Pinkerton Academy. The Robert Frost Farm is located in Derry and there are golf courses, shops and restaurants in town.   This town is ten miles to Manchester and I93 is easily accessible for commuting to Boston. 


Learn more about demographic, housing and tax information for the town of Derry.  This is not a complete list and may change over time.  Please visit the referenced websites for updates and detailed information.

Derry Demographics

  • Population: 2021 was 34,354
  • Owner-occupied housing unit rate, 2017-2021 was 66.7%
  • Median gross rent 2017-2021 was $1,270
  • Median household income (in 2021 dollars), 2017-2021 was $85,458
Data gathered according to

Derry Property Taxes

(NH Dept. of Revenue Administration)
  • 2022 Total Rate (per $1000 of value) $19.04
Data gathered according to the NH Department of Revenue Administration at the time of this writing.


(ACS 2016‐2020)
  • Total Housing Units 13,370 
  • Single-Family Units, Detached or Attached 8,400
  • Mobile Homes and Other Housing Units: 296
Units in Multiple-Family Structures:
  • Two to Four Units in Structure 1,102
  • Five or More Units in Structure 3,572

Data gathered according to the New Hampshire Employment Security website at the time of this writing.

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